Two entrepreneurs from Mexico Marte Cazarez and Adrian Lopez have formed leather from cactus. They worked in the fashion and automotive furniture industries in Mexico. They left the job and decided to make a reliable product. They created cactus leather and firstly launched it in Milan. It seems to become a trend in future fashion industries. For a long time, leather has formed in the factories by killing the animals. So it would be an impactful initiative to stop animal killing and make the same products from plants. Many companies have killed a billion animals to manufacture leather products and hide them. There is another harmful impact of leather that this is not biodegradable and has major harmful impacts on the environment if made from animal skins.Two Friend From Mexico Makes Leather From Cactus Check Name Wiki Bio Net Worth

While factories manufacture the leather they apply a lot of chemicals to convert the animal skin to fine leather. So the process of manufacturing leather consumes a ton of water and harmful chemicals. There are people who don’t consume nonvegetarian food but they use products made of animals’ skin. They think that it is made of plastic but pure leather cannot be manufacture from plastic waste. Marte and Adrian have found a formula to create fabric by using cactus leaves. These are the leaves usually called Dessert which grows in the Mexican State of the Zacatecas. They have manufactured it in their company named Adriano Di Marti.

Adrian has confirmed that they have made it from a plant that grows in the desert with minimum moisture and consumes less water. They said that still it is made of cactus but it also feels like real leather. They even used natural dyes for transforming the leather and it will be safe for humans as well as the environment. Their product could save millions of animals when it will be available. They have manufactured the products in a variety of colors so people can easily choose according to their style. They have provided a sustainable product with a large variety of colors and textures.

The benefit of their product is that they have used the fabric made from plants and costs the same as the real leather. The product is environmentally friendly and is partially biodegradable. There are many people who used to wear leather jackets, shoes and carry leather bags by paying a huge amount. The initiative of creating leather from cactus will save a million animals and the environment. This would be a great invention by Adrian and Martin in the fabric manufacturing industry. The product is completely organic and eco-friendly. It will be a leather alternative that is not made from using toxic chemicals. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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