17 September 2020 is the birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. He is a member of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and of the Rashtriya Janta Party (RSS), a Hindu nationalist volunteer organization. He is born at the Gujrat family in Ganganagar. Modi Ji helped his father to sell the tea when he was a child, his age was eight. This is his 70th birthday. He got many wishes and firstly he got a wish from the Nepal president for his birthday. The BJP ha organized several events as part of the “Sewa Saptah” program to celebrate Prime Minister Narender Modi.


The Congress party which is the opponent of the BJP, previous MLA of and Rahul Gandhi is a member of the Parliament who starts the topic of unemployment for a very long time. Now on this occasion “Rashtriya Berojgar Diwas”  he again starts the topic and also tweets against the BJP. He writes on the tweet, this is the region that today the youngster celebrate this day as a “Rashtriya Berojgar Diwas”. Employment is important and till when the government takes a backstep for their responsibilities toward the civilians and has to give the employment.

Rahul Gandhi also starts one more topic to Modi sarkar. Raul Gandhi said that he only listens to their close friends’ words and also helps them for development. Today every youngster wants their rights from the Modi Ji and want the bright future, employment but Modi Ji is still quit. The problems of the youngster are ignoring by the government.

As we all know that the whole world is suffering from this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Because of China the virus is spread so now this is the biggest topic that everyone wants to know the Government of the BJP takes a favour. Now in the country, there are lots o problems of unemployment, and everyone is upset by the Modi sarkar.  The youngster shows their disappointment in many ways.

The Modi Ji gots lots o love and wishes from all quarters. Where on twitter are hailing the PM for his ambitions for the nation, a section of Twitterati has marked September 17 a National unemployment Day or “Rashtriya Berojagar Divas”.

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That is the trending and viral is seen as a mark of protest against the high unemployment rates in the country and highlights that the Prime Minister is failing on his words that creating the job and provide the employment but now everyone acing the unemployment. For more written updates stay connect with us and follow the websites.


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