On Thursday, twin babies of 20-months-old were found dead inside a parked car in a parking lot of South Carolina Day Care. According to the authorities, the cause behind their death was likely staying in the hot SUV for more than nine hours. After this incident, the news went viral over social media and the police are investing the case to find if something suspicious in the incident.

Twin 20-Months-Old Babies Found Dead In A SUV Car

It was an upsetting and heartbreaking incident for the family of twin babies and the situation of the family is going worse. In this hard time, the family needs privacy at this moment.

Twin 20-Months-Old Babies Found Dead In A SUV Car

As per the parent’s statement, the parent found those babies in the rear-facing seats after arriving at around 05:40 PM at Sunshine House Early Learning Academy on the US Highway 21 which is in the Columbia Suburb of Blythewood on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

When the parent of the babies came to the car, they found their babies died and called the emergency number for help but those babies died before help arrived. In a short time, the atmosphere there had changed a bit because a parent had lost his twin’s babies.

Richland County Coroner Nadia Rutherford said in a press conference that Bryson and Brayden McDaniel have appeared in the SUV since morning and died from exposure to the heat of the SUV. He added that to find out other causes, many more testing will be taken place in the new few weeks. Rutherford said that the babies were well-taken care of and enrolled at the daycare.

Now, the Richland Country Police have been investigating the death case of the babies and until no arrests have been made or announced. Alongside, deputies did not release more details related to this incident. It assumed that the temperature in Columbia was more than 26 degrees ( 80 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday in Columbia. It could be one more reason for this deadly incident.

The police did not release the name of the parents by saying that she did not want to criminalize them if the case was released as an accident and won’t say that where the SUV was for the whole day. Some more information was not released by the deputies and police are investigating the case. The deputies said that they did not know that why or how the babies were left in the car for a long time. May God Bless Their Soul.


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