The excitement of the K-pop fans will increase when they will hear that the K-pop girls group, TWICE is going to release their new upcoming music once again. In the month of June, they released their last or tenth album titled “Taste Of Love” along with the lead single track Alcohol-Free. Now, they are coming back with the exclusive album for the fans and maybe, they will come back again on the charts as music shows win. The lead track of their last album “Alcohol-Free” crossed 20 million views on Youtube within 24 hours. Along with this, the hard copy of the album sold more than 43K copies that became the most selling album in the USA market.

'Get The Feels With TWICE'Get The Feels With TWICE

Again, after two months, they are coming back with one more latest album. The popularity of the girl’s group has already been seen over the Internet as fans have to search for the release date of the upcoming album. Since the TWICE group became famous, they have released too many hit albums for their fans. While they made their space in the list of  Billboard 200 by releasing their song “Taste Of Love” at #6. Also, their release, “Perfect World” also made its space on Japanese Charts like #1 on the Billboard Japan and also, on Oricon on #2. Now, the fans are believing that TWICE will release their next song with the collaboration of Taylor Swift.

TWICE Upcoming Music Teaser:

As per the sources, the K-pop group has released the teaser of the song on August 2 and the teaser has a caption, “Oh! You Got My Attention”. Many fans got confused on this but later, the next teaser image was released on August 4, 2021, and the next image had a caption of “Uh, I’m so curious”. The images were also shared on their Instagram page.

Since the teaser image was released, it also came on trends on the Internet and they believe that TWICE is coming back with one more singletrack. Due to the caption, some fans believe that it could be a new lyrics of the English Song.

Due to many tweets on the Internet, it is thinking that the TWICE group has collab with Taylor Swift in their upcoming English music. Well, there is no any confirmation about the collab with Taylor Swift. But when the official news will come out, we will share it with you through the article.




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