It seems that the war between Ukraine and Russia is not going to take its end. Although, several videos have been taking place on social media related to both countries. Ukrainians are sharing about their condition in the country as how are they facing problems and unable to manage everything.

Tulsi Gabbard's Speech Video Viral

As per the recent reports, there is another news coming from Ukrain where a girl Tulsi Gabbard was pushing the Ukrainians to become a part of the war. According to the sources, Former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard urged the Russian President, Vladimir Putin to halt his invasion of Ukraine.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Speech Video Viral

Tulis Gabbard who also served in Congress from 2013 to 2021 in Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, took the support of Twitter to urge the Russian President to stop the war against them.

She stated that the Russians and Ukrainians want to live peacefully in the countries so, I ask you to stop this war as soon as possible before it reaches the point of no return and a horrific end. The video has been reached on every social media platform and people are still sharing this video to show every single person in the world.

2020 Presidential Candidate and former Congresswoman tweeted,” In direct opposition to the Constitution, the Power Elite suppresses voices, coinions & information they don’t like. Those who dare to question “the authority are accused of spreading misinformation and targeted, smeared, silenced”. Along with a tweet, a speech video is also available on her official Twitter account.

Before this, she shared one more tweet,” Unfortunately, too many Americans – including leaders in positions of great power – are not committed to the Constitution. Many don’t even know what the Bill of Rights is and think free speech should only be allowed for those who agree with them”.

Well, there are lots of videos on her account but it doesn’t seem that the war will reach its end soon. She stated in her video that dear President Putin, Zelensky and Biden. This is a time to put geopolitics aside and embrace the spirit of aloha, respect, and love for the people of Ukraine by coming on an agreed man that Ukrain will be a neutral country.

Along with this, No military alliance with NATO or Russia is present there. Along with this, No Russian or NATO troops were involved in this. It will allow the people of Ukraine to live peacefully and stress-free.

Before sharing this video, she was also tried to defend Putin but unable to do. Whenever she tries to talk to her, he didn’t let her complete her speech. On the other side, the forces of Russia have already reached to the Ukraine border. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin says that Ukraine is not a country at all and this is just a part of a small box that can be folded, taken, hold and can destroy as well.


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