The episode of “Tujhse Hai Rabta” today begins Kalyani hugs the Anupriya and she is in a very happy mood. Anupriya pushes her and asks her that she need this type of love so she will definitely get this love. But for this, she has to do those things that she says to do the things. Kalyani says that you are putting the condition in front of me what she wants to do. Anupriya says to Kalyani to suspend the Malhar as soon as possible. Kalyani says that she can’t do this. She says that she talks to Pawar Kaka and he told me that the Godavari park her car in no parking place.

tujhse hai Rabta

And tell the officer Rane is own his duty and Godavari tries to provoke him. She says till that time I did not reach the truth till now I will not suspend the Malhar. Anupriya says that is okay you continue with your investigation and you can live without my concern and love. Then she gives in her hand Modak and her all hard work is gone garbage. Aaosaheb feels than Priya did the good acting. Kalyani says that you know very well that I give you so much importance, and it is true that you are important to me.

But I will do not take any decision because I have so many responsibilities and I have to know the truth. Anupriya asks to Aosaheb to gives her a mobile phone and tells Avani that whom she has been a friend is Malhar’s first wife. Aosaheb starts thinking that Malhar’s wife is his friend. Kalyani says to Anupriya that she doesn’t tell the Avaniu about this because she doesn’t want to give any tension in her pregnancy. Then she says if you think that she knows that then you can tell her otherwise do not tell her anything to her.

then Anupriya again asks Kalyani that is mean you do not suspend Malhar from his duty. Kalyani makes her understand that she has to understand her helpless situation and take the one day chance to think about this. Anupriya comes in the kitchen and thinks to understand the Kalyani situation and she has to make the distance from Malhar to save herself. Then she says that for your wellness I have to be strict for you and I left you one time and now I don’t want this again in my life. For more information keep watching “Tujhse Hai Rabtaa” on star plus and any time on the Hotstar. For more written updates stay connect with us and stay safe!


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