In today’s episode, you will watch Pawar Kaka thanking Kalyani for bringing Maayi at the right time, and tells that now Avni is out of danger after the blood transfusion. Kalyani asks Pawar to bring some fruits for Aai because to cover the weakness that comes after donating blood. Pawar says he will bring. Kalyani gives him money forcefully because he denies taking money he says that he has money he will bring fruits. Malhar comes there, takes the money from Pawar, Pawar goes.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Malhar tells that he is not poor that he can’t even feed fruits to the women who have donated blood to his wife. Kalyani asks that why this matter of poorness is coming. Malhar tells that he has always 500 to 700 rupees keeps in his pocket, and you are saying that he won’t have enough money to get fruits. Kalyani asks him what is your problem and grabs his collar. She says you have a problem with my alliance. but you could not waits before making any other relation, you got married soon after I left and the second child is about to come. She says that you have a happy family and when I thinks to have the same your problems start.

Malhar holds her and takes her to the pillar. He says you were alive for 5 years and asks did you ever imagine about me if I am alive or dead or in what condition. Kalyani shoves him and recalls him that he had shot her with his hands. She says that you do not have any rights on me and also says that you did not tell me why did you shoot at me. She says that you bent on hiding the truths and you became habitual of that, Malhar tells that he is not hiding any truth. Kalyani says to him to go to Avni and tell her who is she? Malhar turned his face and tries to go from there, Kalyani says him to go and tell Avni about his past. She says that she does not like him, but she will tell everything to her wannabe husband, that the person whom she loved from the bottom of her heart, had short at her heart. Malhaar gets angry and feels helpless, and the episode ends. Stay tuned for more further updates…


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