Here in this blog, we are talking about the serial “Tujhse Hai Raabta”. The episode begins with the Kalyani to see this Anupriya get shocked. Aosaheb notice her and said to the Anupriya to finish this. Kalyani asks what happen here. Kalyani asks from her, when she is standing here, She calls the Pallavi and asks the question about the same. Anupriya said to Aaosaheb that he does not include the Madhuri in our stuff. Because he is doing his own wish and she takes another mobile phone for the charge. Kalyani said you become stubborn and support to the charging board to arrange the books. Then she said to live the board but Anupriya holds it tightly.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 31st August 2020 Written Update Latest Spoiler Twists

Kalyani says to Aaosaheb to stop the Anupriya. Aaosaheb praise her idea and said to Anupriya to live that. The Godavari reached home and then show the live video on Facebook about the Malhar reaction with her, and says that this man do not live us. Pallavi said you did the right things. Aosaheb asks that did you see the Kalyani she follows us. Kalyani said that she has to know all the stories. Because she got a call from the commissioner that he did odd behave with a girl so he has to suspend the Malhar because that video is on-trend.

Aosaheb says to Kalyani to suspend her, Kalyani looks shocked and confused. Malhar reached his office and see that his subordinates see the viral video and also enjoy the video. Malhar asks when you arrange the ladies’ toilet. That man will take time who knows that one lady comes here to become a DM. Malhar gets angry and said keep quite to him because he talking about the ladies. And she makes the record room but the structure of the record room like a ladies’ toilet and she asked for the man record room to find the new room.

Kalyani said to Darshan that send to Malhar and Pawar in her room. Kalyani gets the call from the commissioner and she again tells that MLA arranges the meeting because of the viral video. Kalyani gets input from her dress for the meeting and takes one another dress for the meeting. She gets upset to think that in the DM office there is no ladies toilet but then she gets happy to sees the toilet in the office. And get inside the room and thinks that is the recording room but why they kept board as ladies toilet outside the recording room. For more interesting and written updating episodes stay connect with us and watch “Tujhse Hai Raabta” on zee TV and any time on the Zee5.


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