“Tujhse Hai Raabta” show episode begun with Malhar and Kalyani applying the ointment on the back of Kalyani. Avani looks and thinks wrong to see the moment. She starts crying to see that seen and go from the place. She starts shouting and says that Malhar does not forget their promise and now I will not let you regret your promise. She said that Kalyani never snatch Malhar and she starts screaming in an angry mood. Malhar asks the Kalyani that did she feel the pain. And said that she will be fine after some time.

kalyani tujhse hai raabta
kalyani tujhse hai raabta


Kalyani opens the bag which is kept inside her and gets the Moksh clothes. She tells to Malhar that is her Billu clothes. She said that I said to you that out Billu is alive and said that where we can search him here is no one. Malhar said that we stay here and waiting for the neighbors to return because their doors are closed. No one is at their home. They said that they will get their information about the Moksh here. Avani calls Malhar. Malhar picks the call. Avani said that she is waiting at the home because she has to go for the Sonography.

Malhar said that he will call you back within 2 minutes. Avani completes the fon call and looks in an angry mood. Malhar said to Kalyani that he has to pick the Avani and go for her Sonography to the clinic this is slip in his mind. He said that I will send her with Pawar. Kalyani said her to stay with Avani and said that your need is your wife and children. Malhar said that how you will handle alone these things? Kalyani said that she is habitual to handle things alone. She said that Aai said right that I have to stay away from you.

Because she is your wife and now she is the mother of your child. Malhar goes from there, Kalyani starts sobbing. Anupriya said to Aaosaheb that Kalyani goes for searching the Moksh and said that Avani curse. She said that she is in worry. Aaosaheb said that this is all happening because of your Kundli dosh. Kalyani buys a bar of chocolate and keeps it in the bag. Then she said that I was stopped you to eat the chocolate but this time I will but chocolates and toys. For more written updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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