“Tujhse Hai Rabtaa” show which comes on ZeeTV at 8:30 PM. In today shows the episode starts with everyone start questioning to Godha that why he runs away from there. Godha said that he doesn’t want to marry with Saadgi. She doesn’t like him that they firstly like Kalyani. He still doesn’t like her that he like Kalyani first and this is his second choice. To think wrong about them Pallavi starts scolding Godha. Aosaheb gives the promise to buy needed things for him whatever they want. Kalyani asks Godha that there any other possibility that she doesn’t want to marry Vikram.

Tujhse hai Raabta

Godha gets a call from Vikaram and then he leaves the hall. Malhar gets the Pawar call that Avani is in hospital. Malhar reaches hospital. Pawar said that his wife takes the Avani here. She is unconscious, doctors said that she is in depression this is a  panic attack because of the stress. Then the doctor gives the warning that if she gets again this attack so she loses the baby. Pawar said that the hospital boy take leave and he runs from there but they try to search him. Pawar leaves from there. A hospital boy takes a medicine slip.

Malhar sanctions him at once. He tells that Malhar was outside from the previous job as Malhar protested opposite him. If he recognizes the lady so Malhar will not remove her. the boy is uncertain but Malhar gives the promise that they are here. He goes out to take the medicine. At home, Kalyani said to Aaosaheb about the Vikaram angriness to the Anupriya. Malhar starts fighting with Vikram and for himself dug a hole. She will take care of Malhar’s wife because she is so young and without Malhar how can she live her life alone.

Malhar reaches near to his car but then he gets an attack from a rod on his head. The Malhar get unconscious, Vikaram starts smiling that now he will see who protects them from this insult. Aaosaheb said that Avani admitted to the hospital yesterday night. If Kalyani goes to meet with Malhar so her life will be also become dangerous. In-room Kalyani is in so depressing to think about the Malhar. She decides to jump from the balcony. Aaosaheb feels that Vikram only wants that Kalyani to follow to Malhar. For more updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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