Today we are talking about the show “Tujhse Hai Rabtaa”. The episode begins with the Kalyani house. And seeing the Anupriya standing on her toes holding the charger. Is she asking what is happening here? Aaosaheb said to Anupriya to stop her and tells everything to Kalyani that Anupriya holds the charger and stand there. Kalyani asks from the Pallavi that still your mobile phone is not charged. She checks the phone and says yes the phone battery is 100 percent. Anupriya said to Madhuri daughters that do not interfere in our family matter and also tell to the Aosaheb.

tujhse hai Rabta

She said that she is doing on her own and said to Pallavi that give the mobile phone of Vivek. Kalyani said that you are so stubborn and take the many books to decorate the almirah of the room in that time phone will be a charge. She said to Anupriya to change move the place because she wants to charge the mobile phone. He said to the Aosaheb to tell the Aayi. Aaaosaheb appreciates Kalyani thought and said to Anupriya to live her. The Godavari comes at home and shows the viral video to Kalyani, In which Malhar puncher his own car tier.

She says that she doesn’t know when will that man live us alone. And tells me that she is waiting for the Swara Baai when that boy comes and scolding me. And then he puncher m car. She said why she makes his own video and why he viral his video. Kalyani gets shocked. Aosaheb tells that Malhar always disturbed him, Aadi received the commissioner call, who tells that there is one video which is viral against to the Malhar. And also tels that he has to take permission to suspend him. She said she will think about that which she has to give the suspension letter to him.

Then she cut the call and Aosaheb said to Kalyani to suspend the Malhar. Kalyani gets tiered and tense to think about all this mess. In the Police station, the one worker sees the Malhar viral video then thinks that now he will be suspended. Malhar said to talk to him about the work and ask that when the toilet will prepare for the DM madam. The boy tells that within 5 to 6 month the toilet will be ready and in office, there is few staff of the ladies. He said that they don’t know that the new DM is a lady but now ladies are reaching every hights. For more written updated episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe.



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