The show “Tujhse Se Hai Raabta” today episode begins with Malhar cover the Kalyani with the blanket and said anyone take out her from the car. After that Aaosaheb calls the Viveka. Vivek tells that Kalyani is taken for the operation. Aaosaheb said to call the best doctor and spend any amount of money. He said that inform the doctor that she is the DM of the city. she gets the phone call from the Damini and then she tells that Kalyani goes for the operation.  Then she finishes the call. Pallavi thinks if she died so she has to go to jail, because of the murder.

Aaosaheb said that what you think that I don’t know that you mix the nailpaint remover in Anupriya bathing water. He gives the threats that he will cut the fingers by the cutter. Pallavi said that she does not take revenge on Anupriya, she only want to take revenge to Kalyani. She tells that she did not repeat this mistake and said her to leave him. Aaosaheb said to leave him and said that what you think you wil take this big decision and I don’t know about this decision. She said that she will show the importance of her and then call the Godavari to take the purse of Pallavi.

Godavari take her own the purse. Aaosaheb takes the Pallavi credit card and they cut with the Bittle cutter. She said you know youe value and then beg with me. She take to the Pallavi nechlace, bangles and earrings from the Pallavi. She said that you don’t have the money and even you don’t have any jweller. The said to mix the nailpaint remover in the water and give the threat that he will burn himself. She said that the whole world is bad do not trust anyone.

Anupriya comes outside the hospital and thinks about the words of the doctors that Kalyani is important and the next 24 hours is so important for her. Malhar waiting outside the room and ask from the Anupriya that what doctor said. He said that he is come outside because I don’t want to argue with the Vivek. Anupriya remeber the Aaosaheb words which Malhar tries to kill Kalyani. She take the digger and said that he knows that you are with Kalyani because you want to kill Kalyani. For more written episodes follow our site and stay connect with us and stay safe!


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