In this blog, we are going to tell you about the “Tujhse hai Raabta” serial. Today episode begins with Malhar ask from the Kalyani that from where the acid smell is coming. Viveka sees from them and suddenly Kalyani shout. Aosaheb said to him. Kalyani said that you are thinking wrong about us. Vivek blam on Malhar that he is again trying to trap the Kalyani. And then ask that are you again want to kill him. He said that his wife is pregnant and they still doing these things. Then he asks the Kalyani that she doesn’t even think about her family’s respect and she is with a man in the day.

Tujhse hai Raabta

Malhar gets angry. Kalyani said him to stop and says that something has gone in her eyes and she is shouting for help. Aaosaheb gives the signature on Anupriya. Anupriya said that you never left these things like you are and you have to prove that Madhuri is your daughter. She also said that you never feel relax till you don’t spoil the Avani house. Kalyani replies that she doesn’t want to spoil the Avani house because she knows very well about the pain of a broken home.

I saw you when you are broke from your heart and I know that you never give this feeling to anyone. Anupriya said that she doesn’t believe in you. Kalyani said that what can I happen to proves the right intentions. Anupriya said her to complete the ritual sakarpura with him. Then she agrees her upbringing is more then Madhuri’s blood and then she will agree to accept that she is the daughter of her. Kalyani agrees with this and said if I will do this ritual and then you all accept me as a daughter then she won’t have any problem doing this. Malhar gets worried.

Anupriya gets outside of her home and starts crying and said that she is so unlucky in her daughter’s life. She crying and start thinking that her love is converted into poison and also kill her dear ones. He takes the chilies and eats then start caught. She asking from the god that why they make her unlucky and think that I don’t become strict toward the Kalyani otherwise she will break. His health is let down because he doesn’t stop to eat the chilies and Aaosaheb sees him and gives the smile.   For more written update episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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