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Kanak comes as Diana. Diana says I want to die as because of me my mother died. she says I will commit suicide. The manager says please do not die as this Aditya can help you to talk to your mother as he can communicate with the ghosts. Diana says oh really then the plan of suicide is canceled. Uma asks if you are fine Kanak. Diana says my mother’s photograph is there. Aditya picks up the photograph and sees that photograph. He becomes shocked that the picture was of Palomi. He thinks of Palomi. Diana thinks that Ved has edited the Photograph with the photo of Palomi. Aditya asks Manager to come at the side. He tells him that I have seen a lady who looks exactly same as her mother. The manager asks if he is telling truth. The operation was going on of Palomi to change her face. Masi sa says that Aditya did not like her face and that is why I will change her face. Masi sa asks that if the operation of Palomi is successful or not. The doctor says no I have not operated Palomi as Aditya stopped me. Masi sa becomes angry and asks why you did this.

Uma asks Aditya to bring Palomi as the mother of Diana and then Diana will say sorry to her and ask Palomi to say that I will forgive you only when you will marry Aditya. He tells all this to his mother and Masi sa slaps him. Masi sa says that I have brought Palomi to abroad with so much difficulty and you want to ruin all that. Aditya says I will kill myself and i have to marry Diana at any cost. Masi sa first says okay I agree but the operation will be canceled only when I will test Diana. Aditya agrees.


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