Palomi to undergo plastic surgery

Uma says he will go and tell Masi sa that she had not done right. Kanak stops him and says we will definitely take revenge from him but not now. Uma agrees and says okay I will not go. Kanak hugs him and says our love story is not completed yet and we have to marry again. she kisses him. Uma gets to know that Masi sa and Aditya goes to a club regularly. They go there and asks when they come. The waiter says no I cannot tell you. Kanak takes out money and bribes that waiter. Uma says I don’t like this. Kanak asks him to stay quiet as she is dealing with him.

tu sooraj main sanjh piyaji, written episode

Aditya was talking on the phone and says that new medicine will be called as Mother’s magic. Uma and Kanak look for Masi sa and suddenly they see her coming in a swimming suit. They both get shocked. Press people come there to take the interview of Masi sa. Press asks how she is feeling as she is going to have the best entrepreneur of the year. Uma thinks that this medicine was for the benefit of people of the village. Press says that for the first time this award is going to a woman. Masi sa says in this era, the woman stands on the equal position of Man and this is bit obvious that woman is not lacking behind now. Uma thinks that Masi sa always asked him to dominate woman and told him that Woman is not equal to men. Uma gets angry and goes to her but Kanak stops him. Aditya gives beer to Masi sa and they become shocked as she is having liquor. Masi sa says why you were fighting with Palomi. Aditya says Palomi is a bad woman and we should finish her. Masi sa says yes I am thinking about that and will soon come up with the solution.

A lady comes there and says Aditya used me and he promised me to marry me but he does not reply me. The girl says that I loved you a lot and you betrayed me. The girl says I am pregnant and that is not fair. Masi sa says that go for abortion and I will pay the bill. Masi sa is got to be totally opposite what she pretended to be. The serial is going interesting day by day.


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