Tu Sooraj Main Sanjh Piyaji 11 may episode updates

Episode starts with the person showing recording of Kanak treating Masi sa on the instructions of Uma. He humiliates Uma that he is the doctor so what, he cannot keep life on stake of people. He provokes people and says we will abolish that bike ambulance of Uma. Kanak says i had to do that as Masi sa was dying and i have to save her life. Everyone protests against them.

News comes against Kanak that Kanak treated a lady without any medical degree. Mosa ji says that how you are going to do that, by telling people through Tv. Uma says yes this is a great idea and we should do like this. Mosa and Masi sa smiles and goes to room. Theye talks that real plan is yet to execute. Tu Sooraj Main Sanjh Piyaji , updates, spoilers

Kanak becomes so scared and thinks we will fight against it. Next day media comes and gives decision against the mobile van of Kanak and Uma. Medical council issues a letter that tomorrow is the hearing of the case to dismiss the idea of mobile van. Then Everybody is stressed over the matter. Uma and Kanak talks and Kanak says sorry as she cannot do anything over this. Uma says you are not at fault. Uma cries and goes to room. Next day they reaches council and tries to convince them. The head of council argues.

He looks at Kanak and how she is defending them. After listening everyting, The head of medical council says okay we will not dismiss the licence but if Kanak will study MBBS and gets passed in the first semester. Kanak agrees and becomes happy. She says i will do this. Bhabho becomes happy then Kanak goes out and thanks that head person. She says she will not disappoint him. Head stares her when Kanak talks. Uma asks Kanak if she can do this. Kanak says yes.


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