Here, we again providing the best and brilliant information regarding one of the amazing anime series. The title of the series is Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 9 and every fan is curious to watch it. Every series contains such a huge TRP and fan following is already very high.

Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 9

The madness among the audience to watch the upcoming episode of the series is very high and everyone is waiting to watch the thrilling story of the series. Everyone knows that the fan following of the anime series is very high and millions of people all around the world searching to watch new and best anime series.

This time, the anime makers delaying the release of the upcoming episode of the most popular anime series, Tsukipro The Animation 2 Episode 9. The series following the careers of fifteen 2.5D idol groups under TSUKINO TALENT PRODUCTION, two under Sun promotion entertainment, one collab group under both companies, and one solo artist under TSUKINO.

Along with it, the makers also show many discography moments that making the entire series much anticipated and highly thrilling for the fans. The characters of the series are already loved by a ton of watchers all over the globe and everyone just waiting to watch the upcoming episode.

The story of the last episode shows Ryota says that he believes it’s Ken’s alley because Kensuke was called to judge the Blazing High School Student Dance Battle. Koki will also be a piece of a commercial shoot. Koki wonders if Ryo is okay, and Ryo replies that survival is not his thing. Ken tells Ryo that it will be amusing and they will go fishing and stargazing and all items in mother nature. Ryo imagines how much joy it will be if they get there. Ken says it would be enjoyable to use time gazing at a pretty river flow or shimmering sky.

Now, if we talk about the release of the upcoming episode then it will be scheduled by the makers for Wednesday, 1st December 2021 at 1:30 PM. Let us tell you that the anime will not release any episode of this series due to some interruptions but the makers give a date when they will be going to release the upcoming episode.

Everyone can watch the complete anime series online on HIDIVE. Now, everyone is curious to watch the ensuing episode in which every character will be going to give boost the engagement level of the audience. A ton of audiences all around the world are eager to see the complete episode with all turns and twists.


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