Tsugumomo is all about what happens when an ordinary high school guy treasures a gift his mother gave him. Upon finding the true power of the gifts, he opens the door to the world full of harem of beautiful women. Tsugu Tsugumomo or Tsugumomo, initially adapted from a Japanese anime series, Tsugumomo was penned and designed by Yoshikazu back in 2007. The former has been freshly made taking the theme of the original one. So far, the series has had a first season done. The first season of this anime was released on April 3rd in 2017 and was broadcasted on Animax, BS11, and Tokyo MX.

Considering it’s genre, it was pretty well received by most fans and also managed to get a fairly average rating on most anime platforms. The good news for all the fans of the show is that its second season, titled ‘Tsugu Tsugumomo’, has now been confirmed. ‘Tsugumomo’ season 2 is released on April 5, 2020. Assuming that it’ll have 12 episodes like the first season, we can anticipate that it should end in June 2020.

Tsugumomo (Tsugu Tsugumomo) Season 2

The Anime Tsugumomo has some hint of adult content along with other good stuff too, a well built plot and impressive fighting scenes. The monga series got its second season release on April 5, 2020. The two episodes are already out named as The Troubleshooter’s Office and another one named as The False Fiancée on Apr 12, 2020, the third one is due on Apr 19, 2020 which will be named as Shirou-kun’s Big Day!

Let check of the story so far,

Kazuya Kagami is inseparable from his late mother’s Obi, regardless of where he goes, be it school, home or anyplace else. He is an ordinary school boy, Kazuya Kagami once slips from his school rooftop and when he thinks he will lose his life. He was saved by a mysterious Blue-haired young girl attired in a flower-patterned Kimono who slightly looks like a ghost-like entity. This is his own Obi that came into life, despite the fact that the mysterious young girl remembers him, Kaxuya doesn’t know her.

Later she uncovers to him that she is the Hand-Oven Pure Silk Original Design “Sakura Pattern” Pocketed Obi, Tsukumogami called “Kiriha” who came from an Obi which Kazyua consistently keeps around with him like her mom’s token. Previously it was owned by her mother. Kazuya then becomes Kiriha’s servant and advances into an exorcist and harem adventure. Have you watched season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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