The project Triumph TE-1 has been revealed today which is powered. In essence, the project is all about developing a platform for trance future electric motorcycles hand in hand with the creation of the powertrain battery and the infrastructure that makes this possible now this is a groundbreaking collaboration between Triumph four major industries and academic leaders to generate technological innovation for future eclectic motorcycles. The company has Williams advanced engineering who are developing an all-new industry-leading lightweight battery design and integrated vehicle control unit and integral powertrain limited drive division company is developing an all-new power dense electric motor and a groundbreaking inverter and WMG at the University of Warwick are bringing their expertise in modelling and simulation and driving innovation from research and development to reality.

Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle

The Triumph motorcycles leading the project harnessing all of the innovative technology into a prototype machine, electric control system, and driveline expertise. The senior commercial manager Dyrr Ardash revealed about the TE-1 Electric Motorcycle and said “Our role has been focused on developing the state-of-art battery system that will set a new standard in performance range and weight for electric motorcycles. The power torque and battery system integration will be unrivalled in the market. We see this as a unique project that will bring together the best technology and we are very excited to be part of it. WAE has also designed the electronic control unit from scratch that combines the battery management system with the bike control functions.

We see that existing electric motorcycle technology means a performance level is currently compromised at a low level of battery charge but with our new generation new battery module technology we intend to deliver a lightweight compact solution to give the rider all of the performance all the time regardless of battery charge and importantly class-leading range. We have spent a lot of time in the integration system getting this right is arguably more important than with any other type of an electric vehicle”. The casing is an integral part of the bike structure which has huge benefits in terms of frame stiffness.

Integral powertrain’s role in the TE-1 project is to provide a bespoke highly integrated motor inverter for the T1 prototype. The company has created an extremely lightweight and compact package by applying silicon carbide in the power stage of the inverter and applying advanced electric machine technology to the motor. This is 180 horsepower from the motor that weighs 10 kg. This is an industry-leading technology that will absolutely help to define the future of electric motorcycles starting with the TE-1 project. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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