As we Thapki Pyar Ki very popular show among the people, It is running well with great TRP. Here we are sharing a full written update of the latest episode in this article. According to the promo videos, the show is getting thrilling. The latest episode starts with Veena and Purab bringing Hansika back home. Hansika says why did they bring her to her, she would have gone to her mother’s house and she says she doesn’t want to be burdened for anyone.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 7th February 2022 Episode

Veena says she saved their daughter’s life now this is their responsibility to take care of her. Hansika thinks this is a perfect scene, Thapki out from the house and Hanskia in. You will see in the latest episode that, Priyanka asks Sapna what her followers will do if the Sargam matter is leaked to the media. Sagar says she is so selfish and tells her that my sister is in coma, and she is getting worried about the followers.

Sapan says to Sagar if he has crossed limits with Preeti. He asks if you thought me bad. Sapna says if Preeti will come here with his baby she will not spare Sagar. Priyanka comes and asks they were talking Sapna replies that they were talking about her pregnancy and asks her to do some action.

Thapki comes towards Purab and says he says that every accused get a chance to give Clarification and asks if she will not get a chance. Hansika thinks about what she wants to do now. Thapki says I want to get Hansika’s lie detector polygraph test. Hansika is angry at her.

Veena asks to not forget that Sargam is in Coma due to her. Hansika acts to cry and says you are doing this, as this family accepted not you. She requests Veena to let her go to her house and says she doesn’t want any issue in the house due to her.

Purab agrees with Thapki on the condition if she will be proven wrong so she will have to leave the house Thapki agrees. Veena says packed her beg and she can’t bear her for a moment. Hansika thinks this lie detector will catch her lie and thinks about what to do. She asks for medicine before the test.

Thapki asks her many questions to her about railing screws, Sargam’s diary, and many more all the time red light comes. After that Veena asks If your name is Hansika red light comes again. Then she says this machine is not well. Technician says her BP is high that’s why the machine is in the red zone.

Thapki says for a retest but Veena says no need and asks her to get out of the house. Purab asks the technician to do his test and says if the results are wrong then he will believe her and Hansika wrong. Thapki asks if his name Purab green light comes, Thapki asks him that he loves her Red light comes. Episodes end. Stay tuned for updates.


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