As we know Thapki Pyar ki is a very popular show, it has great TRP. Here we are sharing a full written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, Hansika sees Thapki and says she can easily explain this. Thapki says she is behind all this, First Hansika sent Purab out of the Room, and then she sent goons to Kidnap Thapki.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 26 January 2022 Written Update

Thapki says she did many things for her and named her voice and career on her name, and Hansika has cheated on her. Hansika Shut up to Thapki and says what she think that she will regard as her sister. Hansika says don’t forget that, Tahpki snatched Purab from her, and Thapki got married to Purab.

Thapki says to Hansika that she doesn’t deserve Purab as a friend if he knows about your act, he will throw it out from his life and Thapki will tell the truth. Hansika pushes her and says she can’t defeat her. She brings a musical instrument to hit Thapki, But she herself slips and falls down holding her head.

Thapki taunts her whoever digs the pit for others, they herself fall down. She ties the cloth to her hands and mouth. Thapki and Purab are seated for the Puja. Then Pandit Ji asks for fills her parting from the vermillion of his name and he does the same.

You will in the latest episode, Sagar will waiting for Preeti in the storeroom. He sees someone is coming here and hugs her. Preeti comes there, she sees he hugs Priyanka and then Sagar sees Preeti and thinks whom he hugs.

Sagar asks Priyanka why she has come here. She replies he has written in a chit asking her to come here for romance. She asks if it was for someone else. Sagar says they will set up dinner with candlelight.

After that Preeta gets angry with him. He says if she will go from here then how he will tell her about the diamond ring which he has selected for her. On another side, Anjali scolds the goons and asks where is that girl? She gets worried for Hansika and calls her. Hansika is unable to pick up the call she was tied. Anjali sees Sargam coming to the hospital and thinks why she did come here.

Dadi asks to complete all the rituals. Anchul sees a girl taking the thrown food and takes a rod to hit her. He goes towards her and he finds out that she is a girl. He goes with her, and she distributes the food to the poor. They introduce themselves to each other.

Thapki thinks to tell Hansika’s truth to Purab and tells him that she wants to tell him. Hansika warns Thapki If she will tell her truth then Hansika will tell Saragam’s truth to all.  Thapki says she will silent for Sargam’s sake and she challenges her that very soon she will be out from here and she will complete her challenge in 3 days. Episodes end.


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