As you know Thapki Pyar ki2 is a famous and popular show among people. This serial is running well with great TRP on television. People love to watch this serial, this is a Hindi language show. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode, according to the promo videos, the show is going with amazing twists and drama.

thapki pyaar ki 2

We are watching in the serial that a love triangle is going in the show. Thapki is trying all the efforts to convince Purab. She wants to save the entire family from Hansika, who is not good for the family. Hansika is a step sister but now makers have both of them made Purab’s wives for making the show thrilling. Now you will lots of drama in the show.

The show starts with, Thapki in the room and she sees that Hansika is sleeping with sweet dreams. She thinks of an idea and she throws the water on her by the bucket to weaker her up. After that Hansika wakes in hurry with anger she sees that this is done by Thapki she shouts angrily at her.

Hansika says to Thapki that is she mad and Thapki says her mannerless for her shouting behavior, Thapki asks in her childhood her parents woke her so did she call mad them? Thapki says she has no manners she has a shortage of manners. Thapki says next time she will throw ice water on her.

You will see Hansika saying to her, Why has she woken her up in the early morning. Thapki says to Hansika that she always sings a song that she is daughter-inlaw of the house and etc, etc now what she is sleeping and Thapki says her that she has to complete her duties as a daughter-in-law of the house.

Thapki says to Hansika that her hair is already wet due to the bucket water, she has already took bath and asks her to get ready and asks her mother-in-law what does she wants to eat and What does Purab likes to eat-in breakfast. Thapki says that she is a half-daughter-inlaw so she has to do this. Hansika replies that she is daughter-in-law not a servant of this house.

Hansika gets irritated and angry from Thapki’s talk. Now let’s see what will happen next in the show. Thapki is doing all those things which can save her family from Hansika. Dont’s miss the episode of this show. Stay tuned for more updates.


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