As we know Thapki Pyar ki 2 is among people, it is running well with great TRP on Television. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode.  According to the promo videos, The episode starts with Veena Performing Aarti to Devi Maa then she takes the blessings of Dadi and Sapna. Everyone wishes each other to apply color. Sagar is trying to apply color to Priyanka but she stops him telling later. When Purab comes to veena to take blessings but Veena stops him and asks him to take blessings with his wife, Hansika is coming but Thapki interrupts and says she is also his wife and she also needs the blessings.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 16th March 2022 Written Update

Veena says refuses her to bless but Dadi and Purab agree. Purab and Thapki take their blessings as a pair. Veena asks him to apply red Vermilion to Hansika’s partings. Purab. Purab says, Pandit told it will be good if he applies after 30 m so he will apply then as he doesn’t want any favorable event to occur. Thapki thinks she is waiting for vermillion. You will see in the serial that Anjali will come into the house with the Dhol and she says to Veena previously she has gone with insult from here now she says she hoping that now she can stay here. Veena hugs him and says to her stay here like your house.

Hansika takes her mom’s side from there, Anjali says she is a major shareholder of Veena records, makes Purab yours throw out Thapki from here and she asks her to apply color to Purab first. Jaya reaches at Holi celebrations with Ashok and Preeti.  Purab takes their blessings. Thapki asks them to come. Jays says Dadi has invited them.

Anjali asks Hansika why Purab is talking with Tripathi with love. Hansika says Purab doesn’t want to hurt them. Thapki challenges Hansika that she will make Purab apply vermilion. Hansika accepts the challenge and both go towards Purab. Purab sings Thapki to stop. Color falls on Hansika’s eyes because of the wind of the fan. That time Purab escapes with Thapki. Sagar applies color to Preeti but she stops telling him will apply after marriage.

Priyanka thinks she will expose both of them. But Preeti realizes that someone has noticed this. Purab applies color to Thapki for making her happy. Thapki asks him until they have to act as she is not liking to hurt their family. Purab says paperwork is already started and when Hansika will sing then we will tell the truth when Hansika comes their then they started their Drama. Stay tuned for more updates.


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