Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Preeti telling Thapki that she will not back out and will sort it out with Purab. Purab says that Preeti is not realizing her mistake and says Sagar doesn’t love Preeti if he loves her so he discloses his love in front of everyone. Priyanka recalls her memories to see their photos and she thinks that how Sagar cheated on her. Thapki comes to Priyanka’s room. Priyanka asks her to leave telling her she doesn’t want to talk with anyone. Thapki doesn’t leave and she hugs her. Priyanka cries.

thapki pyar ki 2

Dadi prays Maata Rani in tears. Sapna says to Dadi what Veena has said about her was totally right and Sapna says she was jealous of Veena When Purab and Thapki’s relationship is breaking she was very happy to see this drama. Dadi says those who want to do wrong to others then they also face problems. Sapana says she has made a mistake and she cries in front of Dadi. Dadi says if you realize your mistake then Lord Krishna gives you the chance. On the other side, Sagar punches the punching beg to punish himself. Purab comes there and stops him saying that he should not punishes himself.

Purab says he has played with two lives, which was not right. He tells him about the importance of the wife. Sagar says he is ready to beg. Purab says to do anything and he says that he thinks she will agree and forgive him. Purab also says sorry for slapping him. Priyanka is in the kitchen pours water into the glass and thinks about Thapki’s advice.

Sagar apologizes to Priyanka on his knees for what he did. Priyanka says why should she forgive him even if she wants she will never forgive him for his mistake. Sagar asks about the chance for marriage. Preeti comes there and says that she has rejected him and so he has no choice. Sagar says that Priyanka has not made any mistake so respect her. Preeti takes the knife and calls all in the hall and says she will not go anywhere till they do her marriage with Sagar. She cuts her hand with the knife to prove how much she loves Sagar. Purab stops the blood flow and tries to call the doctor noticing she falls unconscious. Episode ends.


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