As we know Thapki Pyar Ki is a very popular show among people, it is running well on television. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the upcoming match is going to be very interesting. The latest episode starts with, Thapki will participate in all rituals and no one will tell her anything and letting her know that her presence doesn’t affect anyone.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 15th February 2022 Written Update

Thapki asks them to take Palanquin and asks to all to begin the ritual on time. Hansika warns her mother to be careful. everyone applies Haldi to Purab. Thapki dances in the event and she thinks that she is dancing with Purab and both are applying Haldi to each other.

Then her imagination breaks and she takes Haldi and applies to Purab during twirling. Everyone gets shocked. Sapna calls her shameless. Thapki says what’s wrong with it as he is her Jiju. Purab says she can not affect him, Thapki tells him his eyes are explaining the truth.

Dadi asks Anjali to apply the Haldi to Hnasika. Thapki sprinkles Haldi on the floor and Anjali slips due to it and drops the Haldi which falls on Thapki’s hand. Thapki asks what’s this sign. Priyanka asks what they will apply to Hansika because Haldi fell on Thapki. Veena tells Purab did a mistake by stopping her as she is a bad sign for his happiness.

Thapki says she is her half-sister so apply Haldi from her hand. She applies Haldi to Hansika and asks others to apply. Thapki says she is not done and she tells that she didn’t clean her hands in a better way and she takes a towel by touching him.

Puran asks why is she doing this even there is nothing between them, she replies if everything is ended then why is he affecting. He throws the towel and beats the door in frustration.

You will see in the episode that, Purab stands under the shower in tears and cleans his Haldi. Thapki also cries and wipes her tears and goes from the room. Dadi asks the organizer to set the for the Shadi. Thapki asks Dadi if she really wants to decorate the Mandap. Dadi asks if she has signed the divorce papers then why is she doing this.

Thapki recalls why she signed the papers she tells she can’t tell the truth so don’t ask her. Dadi asks her to do what she desires. Thapki thinks Hansika ended her beautiful relationship and she deserves what she planted. Hansika notices Purab see Thapki who’s decorating the Mandap.

She goes to him and she tries to show him the dress. He answers it is good without seeing them and he sees pillars of Mandap is about to fall on Thapki and he rushes and saves her on time Hansika gets angry and jealous. Episodes end.


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