Here we are back with another written update of Thapki Pyar Ki 2. It is running well with the great TRP on Television. According to the promo videos, Show is going to be very interesting and entertaining The latest episode starts with, Purab coming near Thapki and saying he wants to spend some time with her and clear everything. Thapki looks on. At that time he handcuffs himself to her. Purab thinks by mistake he closes by own but can not take the key from the drawer but Thapki finds it. Thapki says him to free her but he says that he doesn’t have the key. When Thapki is about to slip but Purab holds her. Hansika scolds her for falling in Purab’s arms. Purab thinks Sawari is Thapki so that’s why he is doing this.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2, 8th March 2022 Written Update

Hansika searches for a key in the corridor. Thapki tells him she has to eat before taking a tablet. Purab says he saw her drinking Kada. Hansika comes to Purab and tells him that the key is not found. She says Thapki is looking as smiling and asks her to see what she wants to do. Purab says Hansika to see that Saawari Ji had come into the house and asks her to get the papers signed by her. Scroll down the page for getting more information.

Hansika has put all the effort to break handcuffs with a hummer but she can’t then she goes to get another thing. Thapki asks for help from Anshul. Purab asks Hansika to see Sawari has come or not, keep reading.

You will see someone else will come as Sawari but her voice looks strange and Purab asks what happened to her voice. She was stuck in the cold room that’s why her voice is looking different but she is not Thapki. Thapki feels relive but Purab has doubts about her. After some time Sawari leaves from there. Thapki sees her messages that he can’t help her, Then Thapki thinks If Anshul has not done this then who has done this.

Hansika tells her that she has done this. She says she found Sawari’s cloth in the storeroom then she came there as Thapki. Hansika says that if she will get angry then he will tell truth to her family and says away from Purab and asks her to leave finishing her songs. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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