As we know Thapki Pyar Ki is a very famous show among people, this show is running well with TRP on Television. Here we are going to share a written update with you of the latest episode. According to the Promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. As we have seen in the show, Purab’s whole family is in trouble due to some official problem. They are going with some loss in their business. They can lose their house and business because of their mistake.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 3rd March 2022 Written Update

Here we have seen in the previous episode that, Thapki says for the help but Veena refuses the help and says she doesn’t need her help. After some time she says that they can pay this as an installment to them. She says she is saying because she is the owner of the half property. Purab says we can do this.

Thapki says to Hansika if she will get to know that Hansika is behind this, Thapki will not leave her. Hansika says she is not behind this problem. Thapki says this is good for her. Next, you will see that Thapki is trying to do something to fight this problem. She thinks to do something. Thapki decides to sing for them, and she tries to do something.

She gets an idea. You will see Purba and Veena decides to audition and Purab thinks that the audition should be held at the house but actually, Thapki wants this that should be in the house then she can give the audition and she makes the planning for this and makes a story as well to take her friends to name that she will do party in the house. However, Purab says the audition will be held in this house.

You will see in the further episode that Thapki will come with another get-up to give an audition. She comes in the  Ghunghat and she sings, but the thrilling point will come when Veena will say to open her face and Thapki says she can’t show her face to anyone and she added that only her husband can see her face. Veena says she understands she can’t show her face to the man but she can show her face to Veen.

You will see in the episode that Purab and Thapki go to the room to sign the project. There Thapki sits on the ground and says she is down to earth, then Purab says he should also sit on the ground. Thapki gets nervous because her cardamom gets finished, she thinks that Purab will identify her voice. He shows her contract papers then he says that reads the papers because is she look him an educated woman. Thapki gets emotional to sit with him. Stay tuned for more updates.


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