Here we are sharing a written update of the most prominent show. The show is amazing and entertaining and interesting. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Veena denying to apologize to Jaya. Purab returns and asks will not apologize even for Purab’s happiness and her student Thapki? Thapki gave her as Gurudakshina even after knowing it is not right and Thapki faced so many insults to save their respect and she gave her voice credit to Hansika to make her feel that she is not replacing your position and what’s wrong in accepting truth in front of Jaya.

thapki pyaar ki 2

Veena says it is but she says how to treat Jaya that they will not repeat their mistakes as she insulted Thapki many times. Veena says she is a very bad mother because she ruined her son’s life than how she will face Jaya. Dadi says Jaya will forgive you as her heart is big like their daughter-in-law Thapki so go and bring their Thapki. Veena agrees. You will see Preeti will kick Priyanka. Priyanka warns her to leave her room. Preeti says Sagar loves her. Priyanka calls Sagar. Sapna comes there and asks what is happening here. Preeti asks Sapna to bless her calling her Mom in law. she ignores her.

You will see Veena coming to Thapki’s house. She opens her Jholi and asks for Thapki from Jaya. She says they made a lot of mistakes with Thapki and after all this, she is still standing with them. Everybody in the house is not happy without Thapki, Veena says she used to have pride in her art but her pride in art has gotten smaller in front of her attitude. Jaya says where was the love of Purab when he was blaming Thapki for Sargam’s condition, and when he was marrying Thapki.

Veena says Purab is not the only one who has done wrong with Thapki, she has also done wrong with her. Purab comes and says that he said previously that he will take Thapki from here but when she will allow him. He asks her to allow him for living here. Purab goes on his knees and asks to agree to allow Thapki. Preeti reveals to Sagar that Priyanka is the blackmailer, who is blackmailing. You will see that Jaya will agree with Purab and she will agree to send Thapki with him. She says that she can take their Luxmi. Veena says not like this she says first of all we should organize their marriage then they will take her home. episodes end.


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