Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode of Thapki Pyar ki 2. This show is going well with great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Hansika telling them that she will kill everyone. She points a gun at Thapki and says she will start with her. However, Police arrived there at the right time and fire the gun. Police arrest Hansika and Anjali for an attempt to murder and the weapon, which is an illegal case. Veena says to Dadi that she hears everything that how Thapki helped and this Hansika deserves punishment for the crimes.

thapki pyar ki 2

Veena doesn’t want to come inside the house to recall how much she does wrong with Thapki. She says that she insulted Thapki for her stammering problem. Thapki says to Veena that doesn’t feel bad and says that she is her Guru. Veena says how can be Guru of another, she has demanded divorce to Thapki in the Gurudakshna. Purab says forget all the things and come inside. Veena denies in tears.

Veena Presents her Veena to Thapki and tells her that she received it on the national award and her Guruji says her to give it to her successor. Thapki accepts it with happiness. Veena says that the whole world must know that Thapki is Sawari. Thapki takes Veena’s blessings but Veena hugs her. Dadi gets happy and says now their family is a happy family. Purab says to all he will organize a press meeting. Thapki thanks Maata rani for listening to her prayers.

Purab asks Thapki to get ready fast because the press is waiting for the meeting. Thapki asks for 2 minutes. Purab is about to kiss her but someone disturbs them by knocking on the door. Veena hides Thapki face with Ghunghat and takes her to a press meeting telling her now this is her time to get her right. Veena says that they called them to tell them the world Hansika’s voice that Sawari is one lady and she is the wife of Purab and Veena announces Thapki as her Utharadhikari.

Purab asks the media to ask the questions. Media people ask Thapki to sing with Veena. Purab says that this is the best idea. Jaya comes there before they start singing. Purab says to Jaya that now she is happy to see that Thapki gets her right finally of her voice. He takes Jaya to the stage and he introduces Jaya to everyone.

Jaya asks him to stop his drama. She takes away Thapki with her to say that they have to go because of a family emergency. Veena and Purab go behind them.  Sagar handles the situation by telling press people to listen to a new song. Veena and Purab ask what is the matter and where she goes to take Thapki with herself. Jaya says to her house. Everyone gets stunned.


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