As we know Thapki Pyar ki 2 is a very interesting serial. Fans love to watch the serial because of its interesting twist. Thpaki Pyar ki serial has great TRP. This show is very famous among the people. As we have seen in the last episode, That Thapki Apologizes to Purab and tells them, She will repent for her mistake. She says a big medicine is her Sangeet for her.

tpk2 episode

She says when Maaji Takes Veena in her hand, she will be fine. The episode was amazing. There were many things, Which happened. The show is very interesting and upcoming episodes will much interesting.

Thapki Looks at Veena and Purab from outside the window. She pulls the sofa near the window and sleeps sitting there. Suddenly Veena gains Consciousness and sees Purab sleeping sitting on the bed. He wakes up and calls mom. Veena says in the episode that, Thapki must have taken CD from the safe and showed everyone.

Later Purab brings Veena Devi to the music room and says until when it is with you, everything is fine. As we have seen Purab says I want my MOm and Veena Devi back. In the episode, we have seen Veena Devi is in ICU. She is in critical condition.

You will see in the next episode that Thapki Takes care of Veena and does all her work for her. She competes her all duties as a Bhau. She cares for her as her own mother. But everyone taunts her that, Thapki has an old habit, that Firstly she gives pain to all, then she tries to make it okay. But she ignores all, and she did her work as she was doing

You will see in the episode, Purab shouts at Thapki and Thapki gets Scared. That Purab and Thapki are doing arguments with each other Purab injured yourself. Purab says why Have you close to Mom in a room. How she will live alone. If she will be your own mother, then What.

She gets emotional after listening to his talk. She says my mother was ill in her entire life, so no one can understand the pain than me. This is a very difficult situation for me. Thapki says Did you have a warden. If you had not so assumed, I am your warden and eat the food.


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