Here we are sharing a written update of the most popular show gaming people. This show is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the report, The show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The episode starts with, Preeti saying to Sagar don’t get threatened by these threats, and telling her that he loves her. Sagar asks her to stop it. Sagar says Priyanka is her wife and Preeti is nothing. He thought of passing time with her but she brought his bad time in front of her. Sagar asks to apologize to Priyanka. She asks Sagar if she does the same mistake would he forgive her. Veena sees them and asks what’s going on here. Dadi goes to the temple and comes return. Dadi asks about the matter.

Thapki Pyar ki 2, 31st March 2022 Full Written Update

Preeti says she will tell the whole matter about this and she asks for the blessings because she is the second wife of Sagar. Veena asks Sapna what is she saying. She replies that everything is in front of her there is no need to say anything. Veena asks what is she going to do about it. Sapna asks Veena that when Hansika and Thapki’s matter going on at that time Veena was not able to do anything and says now Sapna is also in the same situation. She says that Preeti thinks that she can enter this house like Thapki Veena and Purab say not to speak ill of Thapki. Dadi says that she came here for saving the house from Hansika.

Preeti says after hearing all the things, she says she is not Thapki she knows how to stand for herself. Preeti says that Sagar has promised her and he has to fulfill them. Purab asks what is she talking about. Priyanka says she is right and she had caught them on Holi and at that time she has two choices first she exposed each other and second is kill herself. Purab slaps Sagar and Sapna says what is he doing, Veena says what Purab has done then Sapna doesn’t teach her lesson of the good mother and says that she had sent Purab to the hostel for the name and reputation.

Veena says I have done that’s why you are wearing these expensive things. Dadi shuts up both of them and says to Preethi to leave this issue here but Preethi does not listen and says Sagar has promised me a lot of things and he has to answer to every one of them. When Sapna tries to get Preeti out of the house but Preeti pushes Sapna. When Purab goes to Ashok and Thapki to tell the matter then Thapki tries to convince Preeti but says that Thapki has not lost the hope to find Purab now she will not lose the hope to find Sagar. Episode ends.


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