Thapki Pyar ki is a very interesting entertaining show among the people, Here will share the latest episode by written update. According to the promo videos, The show starts with Thapki serving water in the glass. She hears Purab coming and pretends to sleep on the sofa. He tries to wake her up and says she know she is pretending to be asleep.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2, 20th January 2022 Written Update

He comes closer to her. she pushes him. He asks did she wakeup, Thapki asks what was he doing. He says He thought prince charming Magical Kiss Might work. Thaki says let her rest. Thapki says has he remember the night when he had a fever and she was sitting at his beside. She tells that later that night, we got closer. Purab says nobody forgets such nights.

Thapki asks what does he mean that she brought this baby from her Maayka. Thapki acts as if she is getting vomiting and runs to the Bathroom. Purab knocks on the door and Dadi asks Veena why is she worried? Veena says how to accept the Bhau’s baby as her heir. Dadi says this baby is of Purab too. keep reading. Hansika meets Anjali and tells her that she has done so much to get Purab, but Thapki is pregnant.

Anjali says how can Thapki get Pregnant if she never confesses her feeling in front of Purab. Hansika says don’t know what happens behind the closed doors. Anjali says no woman can leave if she is pregnant she asks her to think the truth behind this matter. Sagar asks Sapna why did she call him again and again. keep reading

Sapan says Thapki and Purab are having a Baby and says his crown will be snatched from him. She insists they have a baby and closed them in a room. Priyanka smiles and says, Shona. Sagar pretends to be tired and sleeps on the bed.

Sagar starts snoring. Priyanka gets upset. you will see Hansika will doubts about Thapki’s pregnancy during Sargam’s and Thapki’s conversation. keep reading

She thinks Mom was right something is fishy, Thapki says to Sarganm she will tell the truth to Purab about the pregnancy but Sargam stops Thapki from telling her the truth to Purab. Sargam takes promise from Thapki and says if she will not promise her she will die. Thapki agrees with her and she prays that God gave her strength to hide the truth from Purab.

After that, you will see Thapki about to at sweets then Purab asks her to have Aachar then she replies everyone’s pregnancy is different, Purab asks her to tell the truth and says something happens between husband and wife before the pregnancy. Stay connected for more updates.


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