The latest episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki begins with Jaya who tells Thapki that it is not easy to understand Sargam and they will have to handle the situation. Thapki says that Veena and Sargam have been trapped between Devi because Purav trusted her and told her. Jaya wakes her up to and says that she talks to her. Thapki asks him don’t tell anything and if he does so, there relation will break.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 8th December 2021

Jaya asks her to talk and Thapki says that she will tell Sargam to talk Purav. She tells Jaya that she can solve anyone’s problem but what about her life. She asks that why did he leave her and she tells that she hides everything about her family and what she lives?

Later, Thapki says that she has also rights to know and asks that who’s that man? Jaya asks her to keep faith in the future and asks her to join the party with Purav. Hanshika talks to Anjali and tells her that Thapki is going to make something and she can be noticed that it will be for Purav.

She says that Purav can notice that he made for her. Anjali says that the plan will work and asks her not to forget. She sees that a servant is cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner and stop him. She finds the picture of Jaya and thinks that maybe, it was a reason that Mukul is hiding from her.

On the other side, Hanshika says that she loved Thapki more than else, and even then, she is thinking as her enemy. Jaya says that nothing can happen even she wears a short dress. Anjali adds Mukul and asks that did you get that what are you searching for? Mukul asks about this and Anjali asks that why the picture of the girl was in his wallet? Mukul says that where did she get the picture and she says from the sofa.

He says that why she is linking him with the picture. Later, Anjali finds the reality and Hanshika asks her that what she like to wear in the party.

Thapki shows Saree and Hanshika says that did Purav tell her that a western dress is a short dress. Thapki says that she never wore western dresses. Hanshika tells her that if she will wear a saree, his friends will make jokes about her.

Thapki gets ready to wear this. On the other side, Sargam comes to another restaurant to meet Rohit and tells that Anchun teases him in America. He tells him that he can’t get married. Hanshika and Purav talk to their friends about their studies. The Episode Ends.


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