As we know Thapki Pyar ki si a fantastic and entertaining show, this show is very famous among the people. The show has good TRP. Fans love to watch the show because of its amazing story. We have seen many twists in the previous episode. The show has all things, Drama, emotions, arguments, and other all the things, which makes the show fantastic.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 7th January 2022

Here we will share all the highlights of the show. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. We know fans are very excited to watch the upcoming show. Here we will tell all the entertaining parts in the written update of the upcoming episode.

We have seen in the last episode, Thapki’s mother’s saree was put off from the head. Everyone saw her vermilion, That moment was very shocking for all. All ask questions to her, tell us the name of the man, who has left you. Everyone asks several questions to her.

Then Purab says, nobody will say anything, now I will speak, he asks her mother-in-law that tells to everyone his name, why are you tolerating all the disrespect. He says she doesn’t deserve disrespect. Tell the name of the man who has left you both. Then Priyanka says tell the name. The name reveals to the front of all. His name is

Now you will see in the next episode, that Thapki is not happy to reveal the name of his father. She argument with Purab for this, she says this was not right, which you have done before the entire family. She asks Purab you are still thinking that you have done right. She says I didn’t want to reveal the name of my father.

Thapki says you why didn’t ask me before doing this, The is connected to me, I will decide everything. Purab says there was no time for asking you anything. Thapki says  I was an illegitimate child, I am, and I will be. So nothing will change by this. Before that my mother was an unmarried woman now she is the second woman in the life of a man, this is more complicated after this mess up.

Thapki says my mother is happy with our life. We don’t want to snatch a husband and a father to anyone. We are able to tolerate everything. So that was which, you did. Now the serial is going to be more interesting and entertaining. So if you want to watch the serial you can watch it on colors, and you can watch all the episodes on the Voot App at any time.


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