The latest episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 begins with Purab who becomes annoyed when Thapki flirts with him. He asks her to go to her way. Thapki tries to seduce him. He takes her to near the wall and he says that he is bothered with her drama because she is nothing for him.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 25th February 2022 Written Update

She asks him if he is not close to her so why does he feel something when she is close to him. His breath becomes fast. Purab recalls that to destroy the life of Sargam, Veena alleged Thapki and he says that he doesn’t feel anything.

He goes to another side and she cries and says that soon, she will confess her feelings to him and she believes that he will also feel the same as she does. Later, Purab ignores her and goes from there. Later, Thapki goes to back to her room and finds that Hanshika is getting ready.

Hanshika says that she obey her advice and wore an s#xy dress to seduce her husband. Thapki says that when Purab was not in love with her, why would he now. Hanshika says, that time, it was different but now, she is his wife. Thapki laughs at her and says that she can now try this.

Hanshika says that all men are equal and soon, she will fill her feelings in his heart and win him surely. She poured water on the floor and thinks that Purab is on the call and she will see it that Purab will not catch her. Thapki says that she is his stepwife and he will not fall in love with her easily. Purab goes to them and Thapki says that to be careful unless she will come back on a wheelchair. Purab asks her what is happening.

Thapki tells everything to him and Hanshoka slipped, he caught her and paid Hanshika’s debt. Hanshika fells down and Priyanka is taking a bucket that falls on Hanshika’s head. Priyanka laughs and Veena helps her. She asks what is happening. Hanshika tells her that she and Priyanka slipped on the floor but instead of helping them, Thapki was laughing at them. Veena warns her to don’t misbehave with her daughter-in-law. Purab gets busy on the phone.

Veena stops Purab and asks him that he should show Thapki that there is no value of her in his life. Later, Priyanka introduces the new daughter-in-law of the house and asks them to wait till the curtain is lifted. Later, Veena asks Purab to finish the rituals. Purab goes to the bride and wears the jewelry. Thapki gets emotional after seeing this.

The East is about to remove the Veil and when it removes, everyone claps. Veena says that now the groom will unveil the bride’s face and everyone gets shocked after seeing the face of Thapki as a bride. The Episode Ends.


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