Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 starts with Mukul showing locket to Thapki and says that he gave this as a present to Jaya and also reveals that she is ready to tolerate the punishment given by him. He asks her to save Hansika. He says that if she will reality to Purab so, she will not cut her hand.

thapki pyyar ki 2

He did wrong but this punishment as he doesn’t get a much love from his daughter and the second one leaves him. He cries in front of her and asks Thapki to save Hansika’s life. Hansika and Anjali sees them. Purab asks someone about Hansika and Anjali hides. He asks Hansika to come with him.

The announcement reveals that Hansika is coming to the stage to sing and Thapki and Mukul hear the announcement. They see her on the stage and get worried. She thinks that by viewing the tears of her father, she will get emotional otherwise, everyone will throw tomatoes on her.

Everyone asks that when the performance will start as Mukul asks Thapki to help Hansika. Priyanka asks that what is happening with her voice. Sapna says that only God knows that what happened? Hansika thinks that she needs to leave before the audience gets angry.

Purab sees her and thinks that why she is not singing and Thapki comes backside of the stage and starts singing. Hansika does lip syncing and Veena Devi comes there and sees her singing. Everyone claps for her. Priyanka and Sapna is worried after viewing her singing talent. Purab goes to the stage and says that congratulation, she has become a star.

She says that to fulfill her dreams, she thanks to him. Thapki gets worried and goes from there. Mukul goes behind her and says to her that whatever she did with her, it was not good but still, she helped them.

He thanks to her for saving Hansika. Thapki says that does he want to say anything and he says that when he met her first time, he asked for a favor instead of hugging her. She says that she can’t forget that what was happened with her mother. She says that why did he come in her house after knowing that she need her father. They talk to each other about their past and at the end, Thapki cries.

Later, Ashok reaches to Jaya and asks about the event. They Switch ON the TV and see Veena’s interview. On the other channel, they sees Hanshika is singing on the stage. Ashok hears her voice and says that this is the voice of Thapki. The Episode Ends.


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