As we know Thapki Pyar ki is a very popular serial. This is running well with a good amount of fans. people love to watch the show. We know fans are very excited to watch the show. Here we are sharing a promo video of the latest episode by written update. The episode starts with Purab asking Thapki, What she talked to Jaya Maa? Thapki tells why shall she tell you? Purab thinks Thapki is hiding something from me.

thapki pyaar ki 2 15th january 2022

He asks Jaya about their conversation. Hansika Looks at Thapki and Thinks. She says you wanted to confess to Purab and asks why she got to make food. Jaya tells Purab that Thapki is still worried about her father’s matter.

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Jaya prays to save their relation. Thapki says Purab has promised to her mother, not to leave me. Hansika says much time has passed and asks if she will confess her feelings or confront Purab.

Thapki says it is her decision and she will take it. Thapki sits on the floor and she thinks She had no hopes for Purab but now he is hoping from him now. Purab knocks on the door, she opens the door. Purab says he had a talk with Jaya Maa, and she told him everything.

He says he understands her father came suddenly into her life, It is really shocking for her and he asks her to move on in life. He holds her hand and says your mood will be fine, her video is getting viral, and get many comments and likes. He says he decided, Veena records will promote her and she will be the star.

Thapki asks why is he doing this for her, he replies he does the same for another talented person. Thpki leaves his hand and goes from there. Purab gets Doubtful.

You will see in the episode, next day Thapki and Purab get ready for the festival. Purab Offers to Tie the lace. He makes her wear bangles and a Necklace. He says now she is looking beautiful. Thapki recalls his promise to Jaya and gets upset again. Dadi Appreciates her for the amazing arrangements. Dadi asks Thapki to make Laddoo. Purab holds her hand and helps her. Thapki looks at him. she recalls his promise again and moves away from him.

Later Purab tells Thapki that the Laddoo is tasty and says it is because he helped her in making it. Thapki says he is right she has no quality. All quality is in you. She asks him to taste the laddoo and see. Another side Jaya prays to god. Ashok then comes there and asks what is asking from God? He says he has to invite the Makar Sankranti.

Jaya says It doesn’t look nice to go there. Preeti asks them to go there with Jaya. Ashok Agrees. The show is getting very interesting Let’s see if Thapki will confront her love for Purab. You can watch the full episode on colors. If you want to watch the full episode you can watch it on Voot. Stay connected for more updates.


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