The latest episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 comes with some amazing twists and turns. As per the promo videos of the serial, the episode begins with Purab who says that he will make a deal with her. Hanshika asks that how? You are just a better half and as per the Purab, he talks to Thapki and tells her that he can’t lose his close ones.

(TPK2) Thapki Pyaar Ki 2, 11th February 2022 Written Update

He is breaking the marriage with you in front of the fire. Thapki looks on shockingly. Anjali requests to Veena how Puran will concur with her. Dida asks what is concur for this. Purab comes with Hanshika and says that he will just say and go inside.

Hanshika smells the engine fuel and asks her what occurred. Hanshika also asks what was actually happened in NGO. Purab comes with valid documents in front of them. Dadi and Vinod say that the votes doing in hurry are not good. Veena says that they are addressing this.

Purab couldn’t sign over the documents. Hansika signs Anjali to begin her theatrics. Anjali says that she will have to leave Purab as she can’t become Hanshika. She tries to make understand Hansika that there is nothing for her.

Jaya says that he can’t be done out of resentment yet. He says that he can’t do this because he loves her. Let him calm down and then, he will talk to him tomorrow. Thapki gets agrees. Veena comes with Anjali at the place of Jaya. Veena says that after analyzing the condition, she can also see the matter. Veena also says that she doesn’t need any arrangements and gives her documents.

Thapki gets shocked after seeing the ilegal papers. Jaya asks Veena to stop it as they can talk about this. Veena says that there is nothing to talk as Purab marked the legal documents. Thapki cries after seeing her sign over documents.

Anjali requested to Thapki that she needs to sign over documents. Thapki says that she doesn’t want to sign. Veena says that she was expected this so, what was the need to sign over the documents.

Thapki says that he is my better half and he has value so, she can’t separate from him. Veena says that he throw her out of his life. Thapki says that no one can alter her perspective including her child. Anjali asks that how can she talk like this and Thapki cautions her not to speak among her and her mom in regulation. The Episode Ends.


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