Thapki asks the servants not to do any mistakes and nothing wrong shall happen. Sapna tells Priyanka that she used to buy balcony tickets Whenever she goes to watch films. Puran comes home and he said I am here. Then the conversation went on between them.  Vinod comes there and asks Purab to get ready and he says to Thapki to call everyone, and the grooms’ family can come at any time.

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 11th december 2021

Minister and his wife come to see Sargam and they praise Veena devil’s singing. Then Purab says if Anuj and Sargam meet once before the alliance. It’s good for them.  Anuj’s mother says his Visa is about to expire so he has to the USA very soon. Thapki goes to call Sargam. Whenever  Hashika helps Sargam elope from the window.

Then Sargam asks Hanshika if she doing right, then Hansika says you have two options one is to live boring life with Anuj, and the second is exciting life with Rohit. Then that comes to Sargam’s room but Sargam was not there. Thanks to find the cloth then she realizes Sargun escaped from here. Then Thapki calls her but she didn’t pick the call.

Sargam comes to resturant. Anchor says today is you Roka what are you doing here.  He Asks if Thapki knows. Sargam says I will your face. After that Sargam Asks Rohit to meet her family. then says how can do this, I didn’t have confidence. Your family selected the minister’s son for your marriage and my father is having a grocery shop.

She asked should marry that guy. Then Sargun is about to faint Rohit makes sits with her and switches her mobile phone. Rohit asks Anchun for medicine. Anchun gives. Rohit diverts him and changes the medicine. He puts it and asks Anchun to make her drink. Sargam faints. Anchun turns and he sees Rohit is not here. He worries for Sargam.

Minster and her family were enjoying the food and praises of food, and a happy conversation started between the whole family. Then the minister said we should talk about dowry. Definitely, you will not refuse for this that we want to Thapki to giving training Sargam, he laughs.

then Anchun makes a call to Thapki and explains all the details to her about Sargam and Rohit. he says Rohit is missing. Thapki says to take care of her. She texts to Purab I am going there you handle over here. Hansika takes his mobile deletes all the messages. She keeps back his phone silently. Minister asks them to call Sargam.

Then Thapki reaches the cafe. and Priyanka says Sapna that Sargam has eloped from the window. Minister get to know everything. Minister says her own daughter has crossed the limits. Purab says she is not such a girl. Minister, I am not talking wrong. He says what shall I tell my relatives. Veena started blaming Thapki for this. Purab supports Thapki and he calls her where is she. I dropped a message to you. But he refuses that. Thaki couldn’t find Sargam.

Then Purab tries to call the police but Hansika says we should think about respect. He says his sister is more important than other things. Hansika says my friend is in the mobile company he can help us to tress her mobile. Hansika says she is in the Royal Leaf hotel.

Everyone is shocked. Purab and Everone leaves. Thapki asks Anchun why he didn’t pick your phone. She says we take her from here. Just then the door opens, Purab, Veena, and others come there and see Thapki And Anchur holding Sargam.


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