French Star League 2021-22 is back with some amazing matches this year and fans are excited to watch the handball matches on the court. Some of the fans always want to watch these matches because of players’ gameplay. There are lots of teams who can play some best matches in the handball court and among them, these two teams are ready to play one more match of the league.

TOU vs LIM Live Score

As per the scheduled time, team Fenix Toulouse Handball (TOU) and team Limoges Handball (LIM) will face off each other on the handball court to show their talent. Most of the teams have already played lots of matches and finally, both teams will play another match once again.

TOU vs LIM Live Score

There are 16 teams in this league who have been playing some amazing matches from the starting of the league and finally, the time for another match is also ready. Every team is best at their gameplay and now, we have to watch this upcoming match. If you want to watch this match, you can also visit the stadium after purchasing the tickets for the match before its starts. You can support your favorite team on the handball court. So, here is all the information of the match.

TOU vs LIM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Fenix Toulouse Handball (TOU) vs Limoges Handball (LIM)
  • League:- French Star League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Palais des sports Andre-Brouat, Toulouse
  • Date:- Saturday, November 20, 2021
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST

TOU vs LIM: Team Squad

Fenix Toulouse Handball (TOU):- Nemanja Ilic, Edouard Kempf, Maxime Gilbert, Idriss Firms, Maxime Discamps, Pierre Frechou, Dorain Jargeac, Teo Jarry, Baptiste Briet, Pierrick Chelle, Tobias Wagner, Quentin Didelot, Erwin Feuchtmann, Milan Jovanovic, Fredric Pettersson, Luka Sokolic, Robin Cantegrel, Jef Lettens Uros Borzas, Goncalo Martins Vieira, Matthew Marmier, Abdi Ayoub, Romain Giraudeau, Erik Balenciaga Azcue, Servilien Claire, Matt Piovan, and Kylian Ferrier.

Limoges Handball (LIM):- Martin Lindell, Axel Boiste, Igor Zabic, Julian Emonet, Dragan Gajic, Denis Serdarevic, Natan Paquiom, Ewan Kervadec, Walid Bouhaj, Romuald Kolle, Jeremy Suty, Yassine Idrissi, Yoav Lumbroso, Jure Dolenec, Nicolas Nieto, Daoud Hichem, Romain Hernandez, Mattis Rey, and Ingars Dude.

TOU vs LIM: XI Lineups Player

Fenix Toulouse Handball (TOU):- Maxime Gilbert, Matthew Marmier, Nemanja Ilic, Uros Borzas, Goncalo Martins Vieira, Jef Lettens, and Edouard Kempf.

Limoges Handball (LIM):- Daoud Hichem, Jure Dolenec, Yassine Idrissi, Yoav Lumbroso, Nicolas Nieto, Martin Lindell, and Dragan Gajic.

TOU vs LIM: Match Prediction
As per the performance of the teams, it is difficult to share that which team has more chances to win this match. As we can see that team TOU is standing on the 12th spot with 3 victories and 5 lost out of 9 matches.
On the other side, team LIM is standing on the 11th spot with 9 matches where they won just 3 matches and also lost 5 matches. Their last performance was not enough good and the prediction says that team TOU has more chances to win this match tonight.


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