On 26th May 2021, Lunar Eclipse 2021 or Chandra Grahan 2021 will be observed across the world. Millions of people are ready to see the Lunar Eclipse all over the world because it comes very rarely in the entire year. Let us also tell you that this is the first major astronomical event of the year and all the astronomy enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to watch the eclipse. The upcoming lunar eclipse will be very interesting because it is coming first time in two years. After the study of astronomy experts, it is cleared that the lunar eclipse is a total lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 2021 Live Streaming

How to watch the upcoming lunar eclipse?

If we talk about technical language then the lunar eclipse that will be going to happen today is called “Blood Moon”. It will be very interesting to watch the solar eclipse because the moon will be going to change its color to a reddish-orange tinge that people observed during the eclipse. Apart from this, the upcoming eclipse is also coinciding with a unique phenomenon that gives it another name “Supermoon”. This name because today moon reaches the closest point to the Earth’s orbit. Finally, the Lunar Eclipse is scheduled to happen on 26th May 2021.

On the other hand, the appearance of the Lunar Eclipse will be visible in the Eastern hemisphere in which Australia, South-East Asia, western parts of the US, and South America will be able to see the Lunar Eclipse. The duration of the Lunar Eclipse is 5 hours and 2 minutes and if we talk about India then the eclipse may be visible only in the Eastern parts of the country. On the other hand, many people searching for the time of the Lunar Eclipse as per Indian Standard Time (IST). So, the time that astronomy experts found is 2:17 PM to 7:19 PM.

When to watch Lunar Eclipse 2021?

Along with this, the last phase of the Lunar Eclipse will be visible from 7:14 PM to 7:19 PM. Now, many people doing their rituals because they think it is important to follow the ritual customs. Many people regularly searching for the Lunar Eclipse to get more perfect information. The timing and some more details are highly searchable on the internet and millions of people searching to see the Lunar Eclipse across the world. Let us also tell you that Solar Eclipse will also take place two weeks after the Total Lunar Eclipse. The Annular Solar Eclipse will take place on 10 June 2021. It will be also appearing in India and Northern Hemisphere. If we talk about countries then Russia, Greenland, Europe, and the United States are able to see the Annular Solar Eclipse.


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