There are almost 1000 episodes and divisions of Ash Ketchum are released and he has become exemplary for intending Pokemon trainer beyond the world. 10 years old boy Amar who lives in a town in Kato had seen Ash in his dream and he saw them all shattering in pieces. Ash Ketchum has used the agenda of powerful pokemon in the journey of this series. Ash has been watched with unique fighting techniques in several countries. He needs to develop a new technique away, by which he can become more powerful to battle with another pokemon.

Top 5 Most Powerful Ash Pokemon Used In Anime & Movie

However, Ash succeeded to built his own team by traveling through different zones, with which he could be viral like no-one can ever have. Even we have confined their team as far as 15 and we are precisely covering their hostiles they’ve conquered.

Ash Pokemon has a long list of their powerful pokemons but all of them are not strong. So we can easily choose the superior one.  Ash’s very first Pokemon was Pikachu who rambled with his friend. Pikachu is made with electrical characteristics. He can generate electricity through his tail. He is a tiny, mouse shape pokemon with amazing powers. They both faced much trouble but every time they have shown an unbreakable bond.

The second pokemon who is on the powerful pokemon list is Infernape. He is the evolution of Chimchar who was a fire fighting pokemon. Ash made him from throw over pokemon Chimchar. Infernape is the Fire- fighting pokemon of the Sinnoh zone. He started learning the abilities of Blaze and became a strong Pokemon. When he joined Ash’s team he was not aware of his abilities. But at practice, he showed his moves to everyone and became a popular Pokemon with his unique qualities. He learned to control the austerity and impressed everyone he battled with.

The most annoying Pokemon ever was Charizard. He doesn’t fit to pair with Ash because of his style of fight. Ash always tries to make him understand the scenario while fighting what he doesn’t pay attention and it irritates Ash. But still, Charizard always stood like a shield to protect Ash and defeated many pokemon. Charizard has some effective moves to shake the confidence of his opponent.

Sceptile became a pokemon with qualities no one can evaluate. He is a speed type character in the pokemon family. He grew with his quality of speeding and he has saved Ash from many fights and won many battles for him. He has some great moves that make him a remarkable fighter.vHe is a kind of favorite Ash pokemon.

This Pokemon is best to be pair with Ash is known as Greninja. Greninnja can transform into Ash- Greninja cause of his quality of the battle bond. It is also known as Ninja Pokemon. They shared a strong bond not in fights only but in each part of their lives. It is Grieninjs’s qualities that support them to fight a battle and win that too. He is the strongest Pokemon of his generation who evolved from Frogadier.


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