The popular Japanese manga series, Tokyo Revengers have been hitting the headlines in recent days after the raw scans of the four panels from Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 went leaked on the Internet and those who are always mad for the series are rapidly searching for the leaks online. According to the sources, a Twitter user Mina @taiyakiboio02 and its content have shocked the fandom. By the way, here are lots of leaks suffering regarding to the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers but the fans are still made for the next fight of the series and it will reveal something for them.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Raw Scans

Mostly, everyone had expected that the final war or battle between the Kantou Manji Gang and the Tokyo Manji Gang will reach on full swing in Chapter 245 but it is also believed that no one anticipated that Wakui will create his focus on Takemichi in this way and it is also shocking the watchers around the world. Many web pages have already begun the countdown for the next chapter because Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 will be released in a few days.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Release Date

All the fans are eagerly waiting for the official release and here, we are going to share the leak of the next chapter and if you are not excited to read the raw scans for the next chapter, you can skip these paragraphs to keep your excitement.

The fans of Tokyo Revengers always remain in a debate that why Takemichi was not growing physically stronger but Wakui has reminded everyone that Takemichi was an amazing fighter at the beginning but what happened now.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 245 Raw Scans

According to the leak, the two gangs can be seen charging at each other. Along with this, every single member of Tokyo Manji is seen leaking the charge, Haruchiyo, Mikey, and Kononoi are not present on the Kantou Side. Well, it has not been revealed what happened between the charge and the full-fledged brawl.

Well, the next leaked pages also show Takemichi is pointing his much at Kakucho. Along with this, his expression is reminding the younger Takemichi who used to be his beloved friend. When they were children, Takemichi was considered as a hero for him. With this, the next page shows that Takemichi is landing the hit on Kakucho and taking him down. The punch was too powerful that is flung back and slides on the ground until he stops at the feet of Mikey.

The strength of Takemichi shocked Chifuyu and Hakkai but their faces were not shown in the leak. Along with them, some more members also got shocked because of his power. Well, there are lots of leaks that went viral on social media but we like to share with our readers that they need to read this comic on the official release date. According to the updates, Tokyo Revenger Chapter 245 will be released on March 08, 2022.


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