With the amazing concepts and graphics, The Tokyo Revengers is ready again to release a new upcoming chapter for the fans. The Japanese manga series have already taken lots of attention across the world even, the fan following of the series in India is high more than before because everyone loves to watch the amazing concept and views of the graphical series.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 215 Preview

The series was directed by Ken Wakui and begin on March 1, 2017. There are 22 volumes of the series and now, the makers are coming with chapter 216 of the series. Currently, the series is going on the network and fans are excited to watch the next episode of the series.

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In this article, we like to share the details of the series and when it will come out because since the last chapter was released, the fans are excited to know the story of the upcoming episode. Those fans who are watching this series from starting are aware of the plot but even. it is important to tell the story of the series. So,

The story revolves around the life of a boy Takemichi who is a teenage boy and joined the Tokyo Manji Gang aka Toman and he is twenty-six and realized that his middle-class lover was killed by another gang. Suddenly, he travelled into the past and saved his lover, Hinata. let’s find out what will be seen in the upcoming episode and the chapter will continue a shop of Motor Cycle where he found that Draken is a member of BRAHMAN. Takemichi asks about him and the person says that Draken came outside with BRAHMAN.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216: Release Date

Takemichi asks to the person that is he really a top man of BRAHMAN. BRAHMAN decided to finish all the gang members that were leading by Mikey. On the other side, Akashi convo with Takemichi and says that he loves the ambition of the Tokyo Manji Gang and also, wants to become the Number 1 gang of Japan. But on the other side, the aim of the Kantou Manji Gang is different from Tokyo Manji Gang.

Akashi says that Mikey will be a bad guy and BRAHMAN always welcomes the Bad Guys. BRAHMAN gang has an aim that they want to finish the gang. Now, the story of the series is going more interesting and everyone is planning to become the biggest gang in Japan. It is interesting to watch the story of these gangs.

Everyone is excited to watch the next chapter of the Tokyo Revengers and maybe, the fans will not have to wait for too long days because it will be released on July 28, 2021. Along with this, there is no copy of the upcoming episode so, the watchers will have to wait for the next episode of the Tokyo Revengers. It is highly interesting to watch the entire episode of the chapter. Well, the timing of the chapter has not been revealed yet but it seems that it will take its release at the same timing as the previous episode.


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