One of the Indian athletes, High Jumper Nishad Kumar made history on the National Sports Day after winning a silver medal in the Men’s high jump and add the second medal of the 2021 Paralympics Games at the Olympic Stadium. The game was played on Day 5 where Indian athletes made history after Nishad made a jump of 2.06m and achieved a silver medal in the game.

Nishad Kumar Won Silver Medal in High Jump T47

Along with this, Nishad creates an Asian Record and the event went too amazing for Indian athletics. Not only this but other athletes who participated in T46 high jump event also won Gold and Bronze medal in the game.

Nishad Kumar Won Silver Medal in Men High Jump T47

USA’s athletes Roderick Townsend and Dallas Wise achieved the Gold and Bronze Medal in the game and our National player Nishad Kumar managed to win the Silver medal for the country. USA athlete Townsend made the jump of 2.15 meters and on the other side, athlete Townsend made a high jump of 2.06 meters.

We could see in the game that Wise and Nishad finished with the same mark game and Nishad crossed the 2.02 m mark in his first attempt but Wise took two chances as per the result. Nishad achieved a silver medal and another Indian player, Rampal Chahar finished with the 5th position by taking a high jump of 1.94 meters in the game.

After Nishad Kumar’s victory, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the people of India and they are also congratulating them on the victory of Nishad as you can see on the Internet that people are tweeting and sharing his victory pictures on social media.

Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also congratulated him on his victory by taking the support of social media and tweeted,” Joyful news comes from Tokyo that Nishad Kumar won the Silver medal in Men’s High Jump T47.

He is a stunning athlete with lots of skills and tenacity”. PM Narendra Modi also appreciated him for his victory. Not just only this but we can see many more tweets who is also appreciating him for his victory.

On the other side, athlete Vinod Kumar also won the third medal for India which is a bronze medal in discuss throw. On the special National Sports Day, Indian athletes won medals for the country and made us proud in front of the world

Also, Congress Party Leader, Rahul Gandhi congratulated on the victory of Nishad Kumar, 21, on his victory. UpToBrain also congratulated the youngest athlete player on his victory.


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