The episode starts with Sandhya making food for Aarav and Simar 2. She prays to God that help her to make delicious food. She asks the chef if she has done everything under his guidance. He says that she has made delicious food and everyone is going to praise her. Aarav comes to Vivaan’s room and wanted to tell him something. Vivaan tells him that Reema is the same girl they have selected for the company’s campaign. Aarav asks Vivaan if he likes her. Vivaan says that he loves Reema but couldn’t tell anyone as you wanted to marry her. Aarav scolds Vivaan that he is mad if he was ready to sacrifice his love for his brother. He warns Vivaan not to hide anything from him.

Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2021

He hugs him and says that Reema has played with me and your emotions. He says that she played with the feelings of our family and made everyone fool. Vivaan tries to defend Reema and says that there might be a strong reason that’s why she did that. Aarav asks Vivaan not to get involved in this matter and maintain some distance from Reema.

Shobha is upset with Roma and scolds her to help Reema escape from marriage so Simar 2 can marry Aarav. Shobha takes Roma’s clothes and asks her to leave their house.

Shobha’s husband comes out of the house and asks her not to misbehave with Roma. He asks Roma to get inside the house with her stuff. He says that Roma’s father is hospitalized and she will stay with him till his health will be improved.

Sandhya comes to Simar 2 and asks her to have breakfast. Sandhya asks her to hide behind her as she doesn’t want anyone to see Simar 2. They goes to. the kitchen but Chitra has doubt that Simar 2 went inside the kitchen. Sandhya introduces Simar 2 with the house chef.

Sandhya says that she is happy that Aarav married her. Simar 2 asks Sandhya if she can make a sweet dish for the family. Sandhya is happy to see that Simar 2 is taking the initiative to be a good daughter-in-law. She allows her to make whatever she wants and if she needs any help she can ask Maharaj ji. Simar 2 says that she is cooking halwa for God’s blog and everyone. Chitra is thinking about Simar 2 if she is still hiding in the house and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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