In this blog, we are going to start about the “Choti Sardarni” TV show. In today’s episode, the show will begin Param wants to take the inhaler. Lalita takes away from herself and breaks it. Param sees this and said you break my pump. Lalit feels that Mehar and Sara are her families and she loves them. Param says that I am mad. Lalita gives them the blessing that says God will give you long life and good health. Param again said that you broke my pump. They say, Karan, we never ever talk to them.

Choti Sardarni today's Episode

Sarab’s says that let’s go Meher. Aditi says please listen to me. Aditi says that is not my destiny. Please accept my sorry. I will not celebrate my birthday with my close ones. Sarab says but you said that is your anniversary. Vikaram says that he wants to celebrate his anniversary as they celebrate everywhere. she doesn’t want anybody show her their sympathy and does not need to come just for the formality. I really felt sorry. This is just a joke from my side so, do not punish anyone because of me. because of your presence, she is so happy.

Aditi says this is my luck. Vikram says I just behaved today, your MIL almost kills me. Please forgive me because I also forgive him. I deserve this. Meher congrats the Aditi for her birthday and give her the wishes. We will join you at the dinner table. she afraid of the Vikram. Does Sarab say that are you sure? Meher shakes her head. She can’t see the Vikram. Karan started crying. Prama says please stop crying? good boys don’t cry. Harleen ask what happen? Param replies that Karan is crying.

Harleen says wait she just calls Lalita. Param said to pick him on hand, he continues crying now his throat is in pain. Harleen ask that he didn’t feed the milk still? He sees the feeder. Param says that please boil the milk for him. Param tries to make him happy and show their toys. Robbie said that Harleen bua is in the kitchen to boiling his milk? Robbie says that he wants to sleep. Harleen says come with her.

Lalita’s message to Aditi. She says I am coming within a minute. She comes into the kitchen. Lalita says I don’t do this work it is a crime. Mehar and Sara are good human beings. Please do not hurt him. I really hope that you will never succeed in your mission. I broke the pump. Sarab says what are you thinking? Mehar replies that she is fine. She saves Karan’s life. can we come here for the birthday celebration? For more written updating episodes be tuned with us and keep watch on zee TV and any time on voot.


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