The Indian television industry is successful with the serials as well as reality shows. There are many serials such as Anupamaa and Kumkum Bhagya, Pandya Store aand many more. On the other hand, reality shows also help to entertain the audience. The Kapil Sharma Show, India’s Got Talent, Roadies, and Bigg Boss. Let’s know about the Roadies. It is a reality show, where contestants have to be prepared emotionally and mentally, and physically fit so that they may tackle the various task which is being given by the host of the show.

MTV Roadies Elimination 29th May 2022 Written Update

Rann Vijay Singha is busy the film shooting which is why the nineteenth season of the roadies is hosted by Sonu Sood. There are some new faces in this season and similarly, Aarushi Dutta along with some ex-contestants are also fighting in this season of Roadies. This season of roadies is covering the task in South Africa. It will be a new experience for all the candidates who are participating in this season of roadies.

MTV Roadies Elimination

In the upcoming episode of season nineteen roadies which is being held in South Africa, the episode starts with Soundous Moufakir, in which Nikita and the other girls along with Baseer Ali and their chemistry will be discussed and they all remember the old days and how were they all and what they all used to do and so on.

Later the statement which is passed by one of most strongest contestants Aarushi Dutta said that for herself and her team that would be a disaster if Baseer Ali plays with one member of team Bicchoo. In the next slide of the episode, all the contestants go towards the next location of the roadies.

Sonu Sood says and makes every contestant understand about the two partici[pants who had faced some problems while performing the task Kevin and Tanish, that both are recovering and soon so there is no need to think about more and especially he said to soundous that do not worry about Kevin, he will be back very soon. Sono Sood makes Aarushi Dutta and Soundous in a team to perform the next task.

The host of the show Sonu Sood tells about the next task to the contestants every team has to collect 10 gemstones when they climb down from the mountain and while collecting stones 10 seconds will be deducted from the total time which may take the contestants in this task. Stay with us to know more about it. This episode can be watched on MTV as well as on Voot.


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