The German Handball League is not going to stop this year because the league is introducing some back-to-back matches for the fans. It will be interesting to watch these matches of the league. Every match of the league provided the strategies and skills of the players.

RNL vs KIE Live Score

Now, the other match is all set to take place tonight and fans are going more excited to watch this match on the handball court. Tonight, the watchers will get to see team Tus N-Lubbecke (TNL) and team THW Kiel (KIE) in front of each other on the court. Maybe, it will not be a match, it will be the battle between two amazing and powerful teams of the league.

TNL vs KIE Live Score

This match is going to be more excited because of the team and their players. We have seen many exciting matches and every match has provided some of the best strategies and skills to the fans. If you want to watch this match so, you can buy the tickets for the match from online websites.

Also, some information related to the matches is available on the official Facebook page of the teams. Along with this, you can check the match prediction which is given below. So, are you excited about the match?

TNL vs KIE: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Tus N-Lubbecke (TNL) vs THW Kiel (KIE)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Merkur Arena Lubbecke, Germany
  • Date:- Sunday, October 31, 2021
  • Time:- 12:00 AM IST

TNL vs KIE: Team Squad

Tus N-Lubbecke (TNL):- Aljosa Rezar, Lutz Heiny, Yannick Drager, Florian Baumgartner, Tom Luick Skroblien, Tin Kontrec, Peter Strosack, Luka Mrakovcic, Marek Nissen, Tom Wolf, Havard Asheim, Jan-Eric Speckmann, Marvin Mundus, Leos Petrovsky, Dominik Ebner, Benas Petreikis, and Valentin Spohn.

THW Kiel (KIE):- Niclas Ekberg, Patrick Wiencek, Hendrik Pekeler, Pavel Horak, Dario Quenstedt, Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Domagoj Duvnjak, Magnus Landin Jacobsen, Sven Ehrig, Rune Dahmke, Sander Sagosen, Harald Reinkind, Leon Ciudad Benitiez, Miha Zarabec, Steffen Weinhold, Philipp Wager, Nikola Bilyk, and Philip Saggau.

TNL vs KIE: Lineups Player

Tus N-Lubbecke (TNL):- Tin Kontrec, Dominik Ebner, Benas Petreikis, Aljosa Rezar, Tom Luick Skroblien, Valentin Spohn, and Peter Strosack.

THW Kiel (KIE):- Patrick Wiencek, Hendrik Pekeler, Niclas Ekberg, Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Harald Reinkind, Domagoj Duvnjak, and Sander Sagosen.

TNL vs KIE: Match Prediction

As we can see that both teams are ready to play another match and watchers want to know which team has more chances to win this match. According to the point table, team TNL is standing on the 15th spot with 2 victories and 6 losses out of 8 matches.

On the other side, team KIE has been playing amazing matches since the league started because the team has won 5 matches and lost a single match out of 8 matches. As per the sources, team KIE has more chances to win this match.


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