The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) is one of the famous comedy show where the host and comedian Kapil Sharma invites celebrities. The show is popular for the drama they present and the Comedy humor that they bring in each episode. This upcoming episode is all set to appear tonight and bring the extreme level. But there was an incident that happened in the recent episode that is shocking for everyone. Let’s have all the details about it.


Actually, as per the details, it was a prank by Kapil Sharma. The prank was about a person stands up from the audience and demanded the money. Yes, it is shocking for us also but it happened in reality.

The Kapil Sharma Show Written Update

The person has demanded his money back from Terence Lewis. He claimed that one of his team members took Rs 50,000 from him to help him but never do help and even did not back the amount also.

“I’m a dancer and one month ago, after a struggle, I reached Terence’s office. There were four-five others with me and Terence’s team was asking us to rehearse. I couldn’t meet Terence but he had an assistant so I requested to meet him at least,” the man said in Hindi.

If you watched the episode then you have seen that the host Kapil Sharma reveals the prank and everyone just laughed at the situation of Terence Lewis. There were other celebrities also available in the show Geeta Kapur and Malika Arora.


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But the question that what will you going to see in today’s episode. So according to us today also there is an extreme level of thrill available in The Kapil Sharma Show. You will watch the most entertaining episode of the week definitely. But besides this, you can watch the previous episode also in which you will also be surprised to see this brilliant prank by comedian Kapil Sharma. At the end of this conversation, Terence Lewis also agree to give his money back and he assured the person. But after the reveal of truth, he also laughs so much.


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